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Table 1 Characteristics of Selected Studies

From: A systematic review to assess the effectiveness of technology-based interventions to address obesity in children

Authors & YearStudy DesignCountryParticipantsRetention Rate (%)
Number in AnalysisGenderAge (years):Characteristics
1) InterventionRange or Mean (SD)
2) Control 
Adamo et al., 2010RCTCanada1) 13M + F12–17- Overweight or obese (CDC definition)86.7
2) 13
Chen et al., 2011RCTUSA1) 26M + F12–15- Normal weight, overweight or obese (CDC definition)93
2) 2412.52 (3.15)- Chinese-American
Ezendam et al., 2012Cluster RCTNetherlands1) 400 (11 schools)M + F12–13- Students recruited from 20 schools86
2) 342 (9 schools)- Analysis was conducted for the total study population and repeated for at risk students (those not meeting behavioural recommendations at baseline)
- At risk students were normal, overweight or obese (IOTF definition)
Jones et al., 2008RCTUSA1) 44M + F15.1 (1.0)- High school students82.3
- Overweight or obese (CDC definition)
2) 43- Binge eating or overeating behaviours
- African American, Hispanic or Other
Maddison et al., 2011RCTNew Zealand1) 160M + F10–14- Overweight or obese (IOTF definition)100
2) 16211.6 (1.1)- Play ≥2 h of video games per week
- Māori, Pacific Islanders, European or Other
Nawi & Jamaludin., 2015Cluster RCTMalaysia1) 47 (4 schools)M + F16- Students with a BMI > 25 kg/m2100
2) 50 (2 schools)- Malaysian or Non-Malaysian
Nguyen et al., 2013RCTNew Zealand1) 78M + F13–16- Overweight to moderately obese (BMI z-score: 1.0–2.5)80
2) 73
- African American, Caucasian or Hispanic
Staiano et al., 2017RCTUSA1) 20F14–18- Overweight or obese CDC definition)92.7
2) 1816 (1.4)- African American or Caucasian
Trost et al., 2014Cluster RCTUSA1) 34 (4 YMCAs and 2 schools)M + F8–12- Overweight or obese (CDC definition)92
2) 41 (3 YMCAs and 2 schools)10 (1.7)- African American or Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian or Mixed
Wagener et al., 2012RCTUSA1) 20M + F12–18- Obese (CDC definition)98
2) 2014 (1.66)- African American, Caucasian, Hispanic or Biracial
Williamson et al., 2006RCTUSA1) 29F11–15- African American girls with one overweight (BMI > 27) or obese (BMI > 30) biological parent70.2
2) 2813.2 (1.4)- Overweight or obese (CDC definition)
  1. Abbreviations – SD standard deviation, RCT randomised controlled trial, USA United States of America, M: male, F female, CDC Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, IOFT International Obesity Task Force, BMI (kg/m2) body mass index (kilograms/meters2)