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Table 2 Summary of parental knowledge and attitudes to childhood hearing loss and hearing services

From: Parental knowledge and attitudes to childhood hearing loss and hearing services in Qassim, Saudi Arabia

(n = 105)
(n = 138)
Don’t know
Don’t know
Knowledge: SNHL risk factors
 1. Babies can be born with HL72.4%06.7%21.0%79.7%06.5%13.8%
 2. CNS infection can cause HL53.3%03.8%42.9%55.1%03.6%41.3%
 3. Neonatal infection can cause HL36.2%17.1%46.7%34.1%20.3%45.7%
 4. Maternal infection can cause HL36.2%17.1%46.7%26.1%24.6%49.3%
 5. Drugs/medications can cause HL38.1%20.0%41.9%48.6%15.9%35.5%
 6. Radiotherapy can cause HL32.4%15.2%52.4%46.4%16.7%37.0%
 7. Chemotherapy can cause HL39.0%11.4%49.5%33.3%18.1%48.6%
 8. Jaundice can cause HL13.3%41.9%44.8%13.8%60.1%26.1%
 9. Delayed crying at birth can cause HL41.9%28.6%29.5%34.1%52.9%13.0%
 10. Family history can cause HL35.2%42.9%21.9%44.9%38.4%16.7%
 11. Consanguineous marriage can cause HL44.8%37.1%18.1%47.8%41.3%10.9%
 12. Low birth weight < 1500 g can cause HL14.3%34.3%51.4%18.1%57.2%24.6%
 13. CHL/SNHL risk related47.6%24.8%27.6%32.6%40.6%26.8%
 14. Craniofacial anomalies can cause HL47.6%14.3%38.1%49.3%22.5%28.3%
 15. Head trauma can cause HL71.4%06.7%21.9%66.7%13.0%20.3%
Non-biomedical model beliefs
 16. Evil spirits can cause HL41.0%22.9%36.2%38.4%25.4%36.2%
 17. Curses can cause HL58.1%14.3%27.6%52.2%18.8%29.0%
Knowledge: OM and CHL risk factors
 18. Ear discharge and OM can cause HL61.0%12.4%26.7%60.1%21.7%18.1%
 19. Recurrent URTI can cause OM42.9%25.7%31.4%44.9%38.4%16.7%
 20. Breast-feeding for first 6 months reduce/prevent OM48.6%16.2%35.2%50.7%34.1%15.2%
 21. Smoking can predispose to OM20.0%40.0%40.0%18.1%59.4%22.5%
 22. Routine childhood immunizations can reduce OM49.5%22.9%27.6%42.0%28.3%29.7%
Knowledge: Identification and intervention      
 23. HL can be identified soon after birth52.4%29.5%18.1%52.9%34.8%12.3%
 24. Treatment for HL is available59.0%12.4%28.6%63.8%14.5%21.7%
25. Children with HL can attend school77.1%09.5%13.3%83.3%09.4%07.2%
Attitudes toward childhood audiology services
 1. I would like my baby tested soon after birth81.9%13.3%04.8%90.6%04.3%05.1%
 2. I would accept OAE hearing screening test for my baby84.8%07.6%07.6%94.2%02.9%02.9%
 3. I would like my child tested at school87.6%08.6%03.8%94.9%03.6%01.4%
 4. I would let my child use hearing aids84.8%09.5%05.7%88.4%07.2%04.3%
 5. I would accept ear surgery for my child88.6%01.0%10.5%89.9%03.6%06.5%
 6. I would like more information88.6%03.8%07.6%92.0%06.5%01.4%
  1. SNHL sensorineural hearing loss, CNS central nervous system, HL hearing loss, OM otitis media, OAE oto-acoustic emission