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Table 2 Factors explaining the variation in microbiota composition between samples as determined by redundancy analysis. Factors significantly explaining the variation are shown

From: Dynamics of the bacterial gut microbiota in preterm and term infants after intravenous amoxicillin/ceftazidime treatment

Control  ST  LT  ALL  
FactorExplains (%)FDR p-valueFactorExplains (%)FDR p-valueFactorExplains (%)FDR p-valueFactorExplains (%)FDR p-value
Vaginal delivery7.70.00433Postnatal age7.40.01533Postnatal age7.80.016Postnatal age5.50.006
Postnatal age5.50.00433PROM No5.40.01533Vaginal delivery6.90.016AB1 duration2.50.006
Primary c-section3.20.00433PROM Yes5.40.01533TPN (days)6.50.016Female2.90.006
Secondary c-section3.20.00433Male4.90.01533   Male2.90.006
Days until FEF3.00.00433Female4.90.01533   Days until FEF2.20.006
HM_6weeks (%)2.90.00433      Primary c-section2.00.006
Female2.70.00433      GA (weeks)1.50.006
CPAP Yes2.30.00743         
CPAP No2.30.00743         
No Maternal AB1.60.02022         
Maternal AB1.60.02022         
GA (weeks)1.60.02022         
  1. Abbreviations: FDR: false discovery rate, C-section: caesarean section, FEF: full enteral feeding, HM: human milk, CPAP: continuous positive airway pressure, AB: antibiotics, GA: gestational age, PROM: prolonged rupture of membranes, TPN: total parenteral nutrition