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Table 2 Individual and contextual factors

From: Clustering of health-related behaviours and its relationship with individual and contextual factors in Portuguese adolescents: results from a cross-sectional study

Individual factors Response Options Recoded
 Age Continuous  
 Height (self-report) Body Mass Index 2 categories
Normal weight
Overweight and obesity
 Weight (self-report)
Contextual factors
Family factors
Family Affluence Scale   Sum = 0–9
 No. of cars “No” (0); “One” (1); “Two or more” (2) dichotomised
High (3rd quantile) / Medium-low (1st and 2nd quantiles)
Ref: [10, 14]
 Own bedroom “No”(0), “Yes” (1)
 Holiday with family “Not at all” (0), “Once” (1), “Twice” (2), “More than twice” (3)
 No. of computers at home “None” (0), “One” (1), “Two” (2), “More than two”(3)
Family structure
“Check all the people who live in the home where you live all or most of the time.” “mother”, “father”, “stepmother”, “stepfather”, “grandmother”, “grandfather”, “I live in a foster home”, “other.” dichotomised
Living with both parents / Other family typology
Ref: [10]
Family communication
“How easy it is to talk to the following persons about things that really bother you”. “very easy”, “easy”, “difficult”, “very difficult”, “don’t have or see.” dichotomised
Good communication with both parents (or only parent) / Other
Ref: [10]
School factors
School attachment
“How do you feel about school at present.” I like it a lot”, “I like it a bit”, “I don’t like it very much”, “I don’t like it at all”, dichotomised
Like / Dislike Ref: [10]
Academic achievement
“What does your class teacher(s) think about your school performance compared to your classmates”. “very good”, “good”, “average”, “below average”, dichotomised
Good / Average or below
Peers factors
No. of evenings a week spent out with friends 0–7  
Violent behaviour and victimisation
How often / many times have you   dichotomised
Yes / No
 Taken part in bullying others in the last 2 months “I haven’t”, “Once or twice”, “2 or 3 times a month”, “once a week”, “several times a week.”
 Being bullied at school in the last 2 months
 Participated in a physical fight in the past 12 months “I haven’t”, “One time”, “Two times”, “Three times”, “Four times or more.”