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Table 4 Correlations between patient age and outcome variables in the whole cohort (n = 29)

From: Influence of age on clinical presentation, diagnosis delay and outcome in pre-school children with acute appendicitis

 Spearman rank coefficientP
Age versus
* Overall duration of pre-admission symptoms−0.4950.007
*Duration abdominal pain before admission−0.4220.028
*Duration nausea-vomiting before admission−0.5310.034
*Temperature at admission−0.5270.003
*Heart rate at admission− 0.6270.000
*White blood cell count at admission0,3150,096
*Neutrophil count at admission0.4420.016
*CRP-value at admission−0.4160.025
*Maximal CRP-value−0.3450.067
*Duration of hospital stay−0.6680.000
  1. Statistical analysis was performed by the Spearman rank test