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Table 4 Overview of inter-observer and intra-observer reliability studies results

From: High inter-observer reliability in standardized ultrasound measurements of subcutaneous adipose tissue in children aged three to six years

Study referenceSampleObserversDI- range [mm]95% of values DI [mm]Median of ABS(∆DI) [mm]
Inter-observer studies
 (19)AdultsEO10–51± 1.00.2
  (12)AdultsEO6–70± 1.20.3
  (12)AdultsNO6–70± 3.11.0
 CurrentChildrenEO26–86± 2.10.8
Intra-observer studies
  (20)AdultsEO12–77± 1.40.4
  (20)AdultsEO44–245± 2.90.9
  (20)AdultsEO12–245± 2.20.6
  (12)AdultsEO6–70± 1.40.4
  (12)AdultsNO6–70± 3.10.6
  (21)ChildrenEO35–112± 2.00.9
  1. Studies comparing the sums of subcutaneous adipose tissue (SAT) including embedded structures (DI). Numbers in parentheses refer to the references. EO Experienced observers, NO Novice observers, ABS Absolute value, ∆DI Differences in the sum of SAT thicknesses from the mean of the three of observers