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Table 2 Input Parameters Used for the Model

From: Lifetime patient outcomes and healthcare utilization for Bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD) and extreme preterm infants: a microsimulation study

 ProportionMean cost (C$, 2018)SDSource
Preterm Infant Index AdmissionExtreme preterm (< 28 weeks) 59,50810,47312
Preterm Infant Long Term CostsExtreme preterm (< 28 weeks) 12,88421502
BPD (By severity) -Index Admission CostAll BPD 105,13118,3933
Mild 75,92815,154
Moderate 113,89219,504
Severe 141,14827,823
BPD Home Care CostsAll BPD 47581
BPD Annual Costs (Post Discharge)All BPD 15,6283056
Annual management costs for general population (or preterm infant specific) with:
ADHDDrug Costs30%82714413
Psychological/Behavior therapy15%2880523
Combination (Medication + Counseling)32%3707612
No treatment23%18934
Asthma  392570914
Hearing impairmentCost of hearing aid device76%154929515
One time cost of cochlear implant24%46,5558376
Post implant follow up year 14411825
Post implant follow up year 21766285
Post implant follow up year 31255216
Retinopathy  391475016
Pulmonary HypertensionTotal healthcare costs 18,882344917
Neuro-impairmentWithout technical assistance80%11,900197618
With technical assistance20%46,6038791
Developmental DelayTotal healthcare cost 10,5341861
Preterm BPDMild BPD (reference category) 1.00 19
Intermediate BPD 0.800.20
Severe BPD 0.500.10
ADHDAverage 0.710.2520
AsthmaAverage 0.890.0921
Hearing impairmentAverage across the severity (mild, moderate, severe hearing loss) 0.620.2022
Retinopathy Of PrematurityBilateral threshold retinopathy of prematurity 0.600.1023
Pulmonary HypertensionAverage0.710.1424
Neuro-impairmentCognitive impairment in preterm sample0.640.3325
Developmental DelayAverage across levels 0.420.4126
  1. Note: BPD Bronchopulmonary dysplasia, ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder