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Table 4 Analysis of influencing factors of FAH SDS

From: Final adult height of children with idiopathic short stature: a multicenter study on GH therapy alone started during peri-puberty

Standardized coefficientstPStandardized coefficientstP
(constant) −2.8620.005 2.0630.042
FAH SDS0.0240.3290.7430.0861.0910.278
Baseline age0.1071.0000.3190.1211.0900.278
Baseline bone age (years)0.0900.8930.373−0.295−2.8100.006*
Baseline height standard deviation score (HtSDS)0.3564.3710.000*0.6187.5410.000*
Treatment course0.1582.1360.034*0.0560.6820.497