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Table 2 Obstetric and medical-related factors among mothers of neonates admitted in Amhara region referral Hospitals, Northern Ethiopia, 2018 (n = 612)

From: Incidence and predictors of neonatal mortality among neonates admitted in Amhara regional state referral hospitals, Ethiopia: prospective follow up study

 ≥ 57912.91
Interpregnancy interval in months (n = 332)
 < 245115.4
 > 12030.9
Delivery complication in the indexed pregnancy
Mode of delivery
 Cesarean section17929.25
 Spontaneous vaginal delivery35758.33
 Forceps delivery111.80
 Vacuum delivery345.56
 Vaginal with episiotomy274.41
 Assisted breech delivery40.65
Maternal HIV status
Tetanus toxoid vaccine for the index pregnancy
Number of ANC visit (n = 574)
 One visit162.79
 Two visit10918.99
 Three visit18331.88
 Four and more visit26646.34