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Table 1 Socio-demographic and economic characteristics of parents of neonates admitted in Amhara Referral hospitals Northern Ethiopia (n = 612)

From: Incidence and predictors of neonatal mortality among neonates admitted in Amhara regional state referral hospitals, Ethiopia: prospective follow up study

Current Maternal Age
 18–19 years264.25
 20–34 years47878.10
 ≥ 35 years10817.65
Marital status
Maternal Occupation
 Government employee14123.04
Husband Occupation (n = 593)
 Government employee15926.81
Maternal educational status
 Unable to read & write20733.82
 Able to read & write304.9
 Primary school(1–8)10717.48
 Secondary school (9–12)7612.42
 Higher education (>12)19231.37
Husband educational status (n = 593)
 Unable to read & write17729.85
 Able to read & write6510.96
 Primary school6310.62
 Secondary school8915.01
 Higher education19933.56
Family monthly income (in US$)
 < 13947277.1
 ≥ 13914022.9
Distance to health facility in hours (on foot)
 ≤ 2 h58695.8
 > 2 h264.2
Ethnicity Group
  1. aStudent, Daily laborer, House worker & Private employee, bDaily laborer, Student, Private employee & Car driver, cAgew, Oromo & Binshangul Gumz