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Table 3 Identified associated factors for neonatal hypothermia from studies in East Africa, January 2000–2019

From: Prevalence of neonatal hypothermia and its associated factors in East Africa: a systematic review and meta-analysis

DeterminantsOdds ratio (aOR, 95% CI)AuthorYear of publicationReference
Delay in the initiation of breastfeeding4.39 (2.38, 8.11)Birhanu W et al2018[10]
2.42 (1.45, 4.02)Gebresilasea et al2019[25]
7.58 (3.61,15.91)Tewodros et al2015[26]
7.23 (2.75,18.99)Hagos et al2018[27]
1.63 (0.88,2.99)Wubet et al2019[28]
Neonatal health problem3.65 (1.83,8.44)Birhanu W et al2018[10]
2.46 (1.64,8.18)Gebresilasea et al2019[25]
3.10 (1.06, 9.46)Tewodros et al2015[26]
2.28 (0.64,8.18)Hagos et al2018[27]
4.24 (1.92,9.34)Wubet et al2019[28]
Low birth weight1.33 (0.75,2.36)Birhanu et al2018[10]
3.61 (2.1,6.18)Gebresilasea et al2019[25]
3.75 (1.29,10.88)Tewodros et al2015[26]
8.51 (2.71,26.73)Hagos et al2018[27]
1.20 (0.51,2.82)Wubet et al2019[28]
Preterm4.81 (2.67,8.64)Birhanu et al2018[10]
4.61 (2.83,8.39)Gebresilasea et al2019[25]
1.50 (0.84,0.26)Tewodros et al2015[26]
3.69 (1.36,10.01)Hagos et al2018[27]
3.37 (1.53,7.44)Wubet et al2019[28]
Nighttime delivery1.32 (0.73,2.37)Birhanu et al2018[10]
1.68 (1.01,2.83)Gebresilasea et al2019[25]
6.61 (3.75,11.66)Tewodros et al2015[26]
6.25 (2.58,15.12)Hagos et al2018[27]
3.18 (1.28,4.57)Wubet et al2019[28]