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Table 1 Prevalence of ten ACE items for children with and without FASD

From: Association of adverse childhood experiences and neurodevelopmental disorders in people with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) and non-FASD controls

Parents Divorced/Separated7172.454845.711.86<.001
Drinking/Drugs in Home8384.692422.864.96<.001
Unloving Family6768.371211.433.39<.001
Physical Abuse4950.00109.522.44<.001
Verbal Abuse4646.9487.622.44<.001
In Prison3535.7187.622.07<.001
Mother Abused3232.6598.571.92<.001
Sexual Abuse2323.4765.711.84<.001
In Foster Care8990.821716.199.05<.001
In Residential Care1919.3932.861.98<.001
None or One1010.206158.10  
Two to Five3535.713735.243.45<.001
Six to Ten5354.0876.676.27<.001
  1. In residential or foster care not included in total ten-item ACE score