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Table 6 Determinants of below-average motor performance ability in kindergartners aged 3–6 yearsa

From: Beyond BMI: waist circumference and social environment is associated with motor performance ability in kindergartners

Item ORb 95% CI for ORc P*
Children’s age
 3–4 2.81 1.00–7.86 0.049
 5–6 1.00   
Parental sport indexd
 Low 2.07 1.18–3.63 0.011
 High 1.00   
Children’s sport indexd
 Low 3.24 1.85–5.67 < 0.001
 High 1.00   
Children’s leisure-time indexd
 Low 2.09 1.14–3.85 0.017
 High 1.00   
Children’s waist circumference SDSe 1.41 1.01–1.95 0.041
Social environment (LSI) of the district of the kindergartenf
 Low 2.72 1.29–5.75 0.009
 High 1.00   
  1. aOnly significant associations are displayed
  2. bOR = Odds ratios
  3. cOR and 95% confidence intervals (CI) are from multiple logistic regression analysis in which all independent variables were included simultaneously: Kindergarten teachers BMI, kindergarten teachers age, kindergarten teachers habitual physical activity, children’s gender, children’s age, children’s migration background, educational level, parental BMI, parental habitual physical activity, children’s body mass index standard deviation scores, social environment of the district of the kindergarten (LSI), children’s screen time activities, children’s physical activity level
  4. dSport index and leisure-time index was derived from the habitual physical activity score conducted by Baecke et al. (1982). Scores were dichotomized. The lower the score, the more likely the participant had lower physical activity levels
  5. eStandard deviation scores according to the UK 1990 reference by Cole et al. (1998)
  6. fLSI = Life situation index was conducted analogously to the study of Hoffmann et al. (2013)
  7. *P ≤ 0.05