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Table 1 clinical characteristics of HBs associated to prognoses

From: Analysis of factors related to recurrence of paediatric hepatoblastoma - a single Centre retrospective study

Variables Results3-year RFS RateP
Age (median, months) 46.5 (26,71.5)  
≥54 months (n, %)YES37(66)63.9%0.007
PRETEXT (n, %)   0.089
SIOPEL risk stratification (n, %)   0.239
Tumor size (median, cm2) 100.84 (69.76,142.31)  
Initial serum AFP (median, ng/ml) 31,125 (5434,74,250)  
Non-recurrent (n) 28  
Recurrent (n) 28  
Site of tumour recurrence (n, %)Local21(75)  
 Lung metastasis7(25)  
Prognoses (n, %)Survive46(82)  
 Lost to follow up3(5)  
follow-up time (median, months) 44  
  1. “Tumor size” -two major vertical diameters product; “PRETEXT”- Pretreatment extension stage; “AFP”- alpha-fetoprotein; “SR”- standard risk; “HR”- high risk; “RFS”- recurrence free survival