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Table 2 Health facility, behavioral and clinical-related characteristics of respondents in Bahir Dar city, North West Ethiopia, 2019

From: The prevalence and root causes of delay in seeking healthcare among mothers of under five children with pneumonia in hospitals of Bahir Dar city, North West Ethiopia

VariableCategoryHealth seekingX2 at 95% CI
Type of hospital closer to youGovernment91130X2 = 24.40
Type of hospital, mothers prefer to seek healthcareGovernment62110X2 = 31.42
Reasons to prefer private hospitalsComprehensive examination5721X2 = 7.10
Low waiting time3712
Treatment is effective199
Because they are near46
Because they are respectful73
Necessary medications are available33
Always open/early open  
Reasons to prefer government hospitalsBecause they are near2348 
They don’t charge too much1037
Because they are respectful214
Comprehensive examination78
Always open/early open87
Treatment is effective03
Necessary medication availability11
Time taken to arrive to the nearest health facility on foot<  60 min171167X2 = 1.76
> 60 min126
The severity of pneumonia (diagnosed at Pediatric OPD)Severe pneumonia2151X2 = 17.86
Non-severe pneumonia162122
Mothers reasons for a delay in seeking healthcareThe disease is resolved by itself053 
Transportation difficulties013
Use of holy water at home015
Use of traditional medicine017
Lack of money016
The illness was mild028
Information on healthcare seeking for pneumoniaNo37105X2 = 60.76
Mothers reason to seek healthcare promptlyPrevious information on healthcare seeking on childhood pneumonia1010 
Symptom worsen630
Previous complication experience of delay190
The main source of informationAt health center/hospital8335 
Health extension workers1210
During community conversation247
Media TV/Radio2511
Symptoms lead the mother to seek healthcareCough/fast breathing135121X2 = 5.97
Chest-in drawing25
Has a danger sign*1323
Decision-maker to seek healthcareMother89107X2 = 7.37
Both parents7247
Perception of mothers on the cost of childhood pneumonia treatmentEasy to pay5691X2 = 18.14
Difficult to pay12378
Very difficult to pay44
Community health insuranceYes3039X2 = 2.15
I don’t have153134
knowledge on prompt health care seekingPoor knowledge131154X2 = 16.92
Good knowledge5219