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Table 3 Description of included children with and without teacher identified UDNs

From: Association between severe unaddressed dental needs and developmental health at school entry in Canada: a cross-sectional study

VariablesChildren with UDNsChildren without UDNs
 Mean (SD)Mean (SD)
Age at EDI completion (years)5.77 (0.39)5.71 (0.32)
Neighbourhood-level SES (z-score)−0.26 (1.01)0.12 (1.03)
 Number (%)Number (%)
Males1495 (60.4%)293,743 (51.2%)
Children with special needs460 (18.6%)20,301 (3.5%)
Children with E/FSL489 (19.7%)74,872 (13.1%)