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Table 3 Ethnic background and body composition

From: Neonatal body composition by air displacement plethysmography in healthy term singletons: a systematic review

Ethnic backgroundReference-No.Total sample Size, nFat-free mass, g (SD)Body fat, % (SD)Fat mass, g (SD)
Caucasian[18,19,20,21,22,23]b22022903 (363)10.8 (4.1)386 (168)
African-American[18, 19, 23]1982675a11.2a342a
Asian[23, 24]2032782a10.3a326a
East-African[16]5282840 (310)7.8a240 (150)
  1. a SD not reported in original publication
  2. bOwn data contributed n = 271