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Table 1 Characteristics of included publications, study populations and aggregate body composition data

From: Neonatal body composition by air displacement plethysmography in healthy term singletons: a systematic review

Author, [Reference No]Year of publicationCountryTotal sample size, nLimited to singletonsRatio male/femaleMean age at assessment, h (SD)Mean birth weight, g (SD)Weight at assessment, g (SD)Fat-free mass, g (SD)Body fat mass/total body mass, % (SD)Fat mass, g (SD)
Wiechers C et al. [20]2019Germany271Yes0.7744.4 (19.6)3389 (440)3200 (411)2857 (330)10.6 (4.0)347 (157)
Systematic review
 Au CP [4]2013Australia599Unknown1.09N/A3417 (475)3246b2947 (342)9.2 (4.4)299b
 Grijalva-Eternod CS et al.   [16]2015Ethiopia528Unknown0.96N/AN/A3090 (380)2840 (310)7.8b240 (150)
 Hawkes CP et al. [21]2016Ireland1063Yes1.0244.2 [23]3520b3335b2951b11.1b430b
 Roggero P et al. [22]2010Italy262Yes1.0649.4b3301 (308)3091b2794b9.5b297b
 Brei J et al. [25]2015The Netherlands194Unknown0.39N/A3384 (500)3259 (490)2916 (400)10.3 (4.0)345 (170)
 Pereira-da-Silva L et al. [26]2014Portugal100Yes0.8250b3360 (359)3180b2811 (250)11.4 (4.1)369 (156)
 Tint MT et al. [24]2016Singapore173Yes0.94N/AN/A3123b2770b10.0b313b
 Lee W et al. [18]2012USA, Michigan324Yes0.9822.3b3296 (560)3304b2967b10.2 (4.0)337 (173)
 Paley C et al. [23]2015USA, New York332Yes0.9635.4b3397b3242b2793b13.6b449b
 Shapiro AL et al. [27]2016USA, Colorado1079Yes1.04N/A3254b3124b2831b9.0b293b
 Josefson JL et al. [28]2016USA, Chicago168Yes1.05N/A3469 (499)3267b2900 (424)10.8 (3.7)367 (166)
 Villar J et al. [29]2017Multicountryc928UnknownN/AN/AN/A3254 (509)2906 (389)10.3 (4.0)348 (170)
 Castro N P et al. [30]2017Brazil, Sao Paulo210Yes0.84N/A3377 (408)N/AN/A8.9 (4.2)aN/A
Total, n  6231 53032352 (1334)a4602 (2128)a6021 (1921)a6021 (2788)a6231 (2794)a6021 (2513)a
Weighted mean    0.9640.8 (23.1)3382 (455)3218 (458)2883 (356)10.0 (4.1)341 (164)
  1. Not available N/A
  2. aWeighted SD calculated from available SD values
  3. b SD not reported in original publication
  4. c Brazil, Ghana, India, Norway, Oman, USA