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Table 2 Tracking of physical activity between childhood and early adolescence; partial Pearson’s correlation adjusted for sex and age at 6–10 year measurement (n = 290)

From: Active children are less adipose and insulin resistant in early adolescence; evidence from the Mysore Parthenon Cohort

 11–13 year Physical activity measures
 Counts/ day% time Sedentary% time Light% time Moderate% time Vigorous
6–10 year Physical activity measuresCounts/day0.32**−0.24**0.20*0.26**0.18*
% time Sedentary−0.30**0.35**−0.33**−0.23**− 0.06
% time Light0.26**−0.34**0.34**0.18*0.01
% time Moderate0.24**−0.19*0.14*0.26**0.14*
% time Vigorous0.13*−*0.20*
  1. *p for correlation <0.05, **p for correlation <0.001