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Table 4 Frequency of mild conspicuities on cerebral ultrasound distributed among different gestational ages and groups

From: Analyses of pathological cranial ultrasound findings in neonates that fall outside recent indication guidelines: results of a population-based birth cohort: survey of neonates in Pommerania (SNiP-study)

Gestational age group
type of conspicuity
Group IGroup II
Total cases
30–34 weeks GA3
unilateral singular cyst2 
ventricular enlargement/asymmetry*1 
> 34 weeks GA27100
ventricular enlargement/asymmetry*1255
unilateral singular parenchymal cyst938
IVH I°14
increased echogenicity53
caudothalamic groove 1
thalamic 1
  1. Data are the number of infants in each group. Weeks GA: weeks of gestational age; IVH: intraventricular hemorrhage, *measurement: > 0.5 cm vertical distance difference between the sulcus thalamicus and the corpus callosum in two sagittal views at the level of the plexus choroideus in the lateral ventricles