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Table 3 Frequency of conspicuous cranial ultrasound findings in neonates > = 30 weeks of gestation without indication for cranial ultrasound

From: Analyses of pathological cranial ultrasound findings in neonates that fall outside recent indication guidelines: results of a population-based birth cohort: survey of neonates in Pommerania (SNiP-study)

Cranial ultrasound groupsN of subgroup n/ N of group (%)
Conspicuities detected140/3809 (3.7)
 at ages 30–34 weeks gestation4/12 (33.3)
 at ages > 34 weeks gestation136/3797 (3.6)
 AND NCU admission (group I)47/610 (7.7)
  mild30 (4.9)
  significant17 (2.8)
 WITHOUT NCU admission (group II)117/3696 (3.2)
  mild100 (2.7)
  significant17 (0.5)
  1. Data are the number (%). NCU: neonatal care unit