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Table 1 Parent measures

From: Comparison of family centered care with family integrated care and mobile technology (mFICare) on preterm infant and family outcomes: a multi-site quasi-experimental clinical trial protocol

Scale Baseline 21 days after enrollment Discharge Post-discharge
Demographics1 X    
State & Trait Anxiety [60] X X X X
Parent Stressor Scale: NICU [32, 61] X X   
Family Centered Care [62] X   X  
Perceived Parenting Self-Efficacy Tool (PMSE) [63]   X X X
Nurse-Parent Support Tool [64]   X   
Readiness for Hospital Discharge Survey [65]    X  
mFICare Parent Survey (mFICare group only)    X  
Growth, Feeding current health1     X
Major life events1     X
What being the parent of a baby is like (WPL-R) [66]     X
Duke Social Support [67]     X
Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale [68]     X
Life Orientation Test [69]     X
Perinatal PTSD Questionnaire [70]     X
  1. 1Fixed choice and open-ended questions developed specifically for this study