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Table 2 Clinical characteristics of children with ICU stay time equal or less than 3 days and children with ICU stay time greater than 3 days undergoing CHD correction

From: Prognostic value of perioperative NT-proBNP after corrective surgery for pediatric congenital heart defects

CharacteristicsICU stay <=3 daysICU stay >3 daysp
Patient number181(55.02)148(44.98) 
NT-proBNP level, pg/ml
 Before surgery1214.07±2935.614615.68±6500.49<0.001
 1h after surgery1045.29±1743.524421.76±5686.58<0.001
 12h after surgery4714.70±5379.549343.61±6320.02<0.001
 36h after surgery3076.17±2474.086746.39±5158.98<0.001
RACHS-1 score
Age, d573.62±900.76225.31±450.45<0.001
Weight, kg8.56±6.385.20±2.94<0.001
Cardiopulmonary bypass time, min66.40±25.82107.46±53.41<0.001
Aortic crossclamp time, min34.57±16.4654.78±31.25<0.001
  1. Categorical data are showed as n (%) responding group respectively. Continuous variables are showed as mean ± standard deviation. ICU Intensive Care Unit. RACHS-1 Risk Adjustment for Congenital Heart Surgery-1