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Table 4 Odds ratio for having low social well-being at school according to child’s age at dissolution (n = 219,226)

From: Family dissolution and children’s social well-being at school: a historic cohort study

Age at dissolution2–5 years6–10 years11–16 years
ORa95% CIORa95% CIORa95% CI
Intact family1(reference)1(reference)1(reference)
No stratification1.55(1.47;1.64)1.34(1.26;1.41)1.30(1.20;1.40)
Stratified by stepparent:
 Intact family1(reference)1(reference)1(reference)
 No stepparent1.48(1.38;1.60)1.38(1.29;1.48)1.28(1.18;1.39)
Stratified by no. of changes in family structure:
 Intact family1(reference)1(reference)1(reference)
 > 21.92(1.65;2.23)1.52(1.21;1.90)2.47(1.44;4.24)
  1. OR Odds ratio.
  2. CI Confidence interval.
  3. aAdjusted for siblings (no siblings/siblings), ethnicity (Danish/immigrant or descendant), parental educational level (low, medium, high), gender (boy/girl)