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Table 2 Comparison of clinical features between the PKD patients with and without PRRT2 mutations

From: Clinical features of patients with paroxysmal kinesigenic dyskinesia, mutation screening of PRRT2 and the effects of morning draughts of oxcarbazepine

 patients with PRRT2 mutationspatients without PRRT2 mutationsp
No. of subjects515 
Age at onset (years)  0.502
 Mean (SD)7.1(3)8.4(3.7) 
Main phenotype, n  0.338
Laterality of dyskinesia  0.530
Involved limb  0.805
 Upper limbs03 
 Lower limbs26 
Frequency of attack/day, n  0.805
 < 526 
 > 1003 
  1. P* < 0.05