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Table 1 Descriptive statistics of the background variables

From: Sex-related change in BMI of 15- to 16-year-old Norwegian girls in cross-sectional studies in 2002 and 2017

 2002 2017 
Sex1675823 1580814 
Age, years (mean) SD1675(15.9) 0.3 1580(15.8) 0.4 
Sociodemography of the family
 Not living with siblings163117.014.4156616.522.1
 Poor family economy16563.524.115724.023.8
 Parents not living together166427.113.1157332.120.0
 Father working full time164484.212.2156084.516.4
 Mother working full time165457.811.9156970.216.0
 Teeth brushing ≤ once daily167025.718.4157324.124.0
 Rural living167574.113.0158072.318.7
 Never smoked167162.413.2156787.016.3
 Parental smoking167535.814.0158012.423.0
Mental health issues
 Sought help for mental health issuesb15735.214.6154113.021.9
 Spare-time physical activity < 4 times weeklyc157056.914.3157655.919.3
 Screen time > 2 h/daily166657.614.8157168.717.6
 Participates in organized spare-time sports165943.59.3156356.812.2
 Walking or riding bike to school166535.611.6157739.914.6
Student education
 Educational plans > 12 years165946.611.7157361.013.0
 Best or second-best gradesd155555.311.2150667.814.7
 Positive opinion on educatione164268.911.9156578.916.2
 Daily breakfast167365.813.9157662.915.3
 Drinking sugar-containing soda ≥ daily166437.514.4156113.416.3
 Eating candy ≥ daily166017.79.915668.214.8
  1. a% overweight and obesity (OWOB) within the given category
  2. bduring the last 12 months
  3. cactivity generating sweating or heavy breathing
  4. din ≥ 1 of 4 subjects: Norwegian writing, mathematics, social science, English
  5. eAnswered yes to ≥1 of the questions “my education is interesting and I learn a lot”, “good grades are important to me”, and “my parents find education important”