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Table 3 Key messages for practical measures per category and sub-category of recommendations

From: End-user perspectives to inform policy and program decisions: a qualitative and quantitative content analysis of lifestyle treatment recommendations by adolescents with obesity

CategorySub-CategoryKey Messages for Practical Measures
Establish parental support within limits (n = 15)Minimizing family conflict and involvement• Preference for non-authoritarian-style parenting and value of independence
• Negative impact of family conflict on mental health
Modelling active support by parents• Desire for parent role modeling for increased motivation
• Desire for support in health-related decisions and changes, including nutrition such as preparing healthy leftovers and pre-packaged meals; physical activity such as providing encouragement in being active; sedentary activity such as permitting use of digital technology while exercising; and sleep such as providing bed time reminders
Improve accessibility and availability of ‘healthy foods’ (n = 14)Economizing healthy foods• Lowering cost of healthy foods to increase motivation for healthy eating
• Removing tax on healthy foods to promote a healthy lifestyle
Implementing school-wide changes• Providing healthy food options in cafeterias
• Facilitating enrollment in home economics classes and access to recipe books with healthy food ideas
• Removing restrictions on food consumption in classrooms
Limit deceptive practices in food marketing (n = 6)Changing the digital food environment• Impact of digital editing of fast food advertisements to look more appealing
• Television advertisement tactics of airing a higher proportion of unhealthy than healthy food commercials, and the need to reverse this trend or ban commercials of unhealthy foods
Changing the commercial food environment• Promoting environmental restructuring
• Showcasing healthy items as opposed to junk food in supermarket aisles and near cash registers
• Removing public vending machines to limit access to sugar-sweetened beverages
Improve accessibility and availability of varied physical activity opportunities (n = 12)Implementing school-wide changes• Better dissemination of physical activity opportunities to facilitate meeting physical activity requirements
• Simplifying access to school facilities for physical activity during non-supervised times
• Limiting the degree of monitoring done by authority figures during supervised times
• Balancing sports with fitness/running classes by merging Sport Performance and Physical Education classes
Implementing community-wide changes• Tailoring physical activity opportunities to different ages, religions, and interests
• Facilitating access to physical activity opportunities by revisiting cost and distance issues
Delay school start times (n = 4)Delaying school start times• Influence of lack of sleep on unhealthy dietary and physical activity choices
• Delaying school start times by approximately 1 hour