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Table 1 Summaries of opioid use, access, demographic and outcome measurements

From: A state-level study of opioid use disorder treatment access and neonatal abstinence syndrome

Opioid Use Median (IQR)
Illicit drug dependence or abuse per 1000 population 22 (20–25)
Opioid prescribing rates per 1000 population 774 (712–948)
 Number of buprenorphine -waivered physicians per 100,000 population 8 (5–14)
 Number of individuals in outpatient treatment programs per 100,000 population 80 (46–114)
 Unmet need (needing but not receiving treatment for illicit drug use) per 1000 population 20 (18–21)
 Proportion of state population with incomes below the federal poverty level 13% (11–16%)
 Proportion of state population with rural domicile 25% (11–34%)
 Proportion of state population that is Hispanic 10% (5–17%)
 Proportion of state population that is African American 6% (3–14%)
 Number of NAS cases per 1000 hospital discharges under age 1 6 (4–10)