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Table 2 Key cost and resource use parameters

From: An economic analysis of human milk supplementation for very low birth weight babies in the USA

Description Base case parameter value [reference]
Quantities of milk and formula (median)
 Mother’s milk 1943 mL [5]
 Donor milk 883 mL [5]
Usual practice of care:
 Mother’s milk 2102 mL [5]
 Formula 2109 mL [5]
Cost of diet
Prolact+ 6® (30 mL) $187.50a
Donor milk (1 l) $183 [20]
Total cost of diet
 EHMD $7731
 CMD $226 [21]
Cost of initial stay in hospital for VLBW baby
 No NEC, late onset sepsis or sequelae $49,660 [6]
Incremental costs for NEC, late onset sepsis and sequelae
 NEC (surgically treated) $229,431 [21]
 NEC (medically treated) $85,734 [21]
 Late onset sepsis $12,413 [6]
 Bronchopulmonary dysplasia $38,966 [6]
 Retinopathy of prematurity $5939 [22]
 Short bowel syndrome Included in surgical NEC costs
 Cerebral palsy $147,268 [23]
  1. Notes: aSource: communication from Prolacta Bioscience
  2. Abbrevaitions EHMD Exclusive Human Milk Diet, NEC Necrotising Enterocolitis