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Table 2 Association between socio-economic, demographic factors and child anemia status in Bangladesh

From: Factors influencing childhood anaemia in Bangladesh: a two level logistic regression analysis

VariablesCoefficientsSEz-valuep-valueAOR95% CI for AOR
Mother anemia level
 No Vs YesR−0.6550.087−6.240.0010.5190.4380.616
Child nutritional status
 Normal or over nutrition Vs Under nutritionR−0.1970.119−1.660.0480.8210.6501.037
Child age group (year)
 2 ≤ age < 3 Vs Age < 2R−0.9790.139−7.020.0020.3760.2860.494
 3 ≤ age < 4 Vs Age < 2R−1.2260.135−9.060.0030.2940.2250.383
 4 ≤ age < 5 Vs Age < 2R−1.4720.142−10.390.0040.2290.1740.303
Household wealth index
 Middle Vs PoorR−0.2860.154−1.860.0430.7510.5551.016
 Rich Vs PoorR−0.3890.172−2.270.0230.6780.4840.948
 Chittagong Vs DhakaR0.2330.1591.460.1441.2620.9241.724
 Barisal Vs DhakaR0.5620.1843.050.0021.7551.2222.518
 Khulna Vs DhakaR0.3340.1771.880.0611.3960.9851.977
 Rajshahi Vs DhakaR0.0870.1750.500.6191.0900.7741.537
 Rangpur Vs DhakaR0.5270.1713.080.0021.6941.2112.367
 Sylhet Vs DhakaR0.0570.1660.350.7291.0590.7651.466
 Muslim Vs Non-MuslimR−0.3880.169−2.290.0220.7820.4870. 946
Hosmer and Lemeshow testChi-square value = 4.23df = 9p-value = 0.836
  1. N.B.: R reference case, AOR Adjusted Odds ratio, SE Standard error, CI Confidence interval, df degree of freedom