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Table 1 Methodology, Issue, Participants (MIP), and inclusion criteria for systematic search

From: Decision-making at the limit of viability: the Austrian neonatal choice context

Methodology Include empirical studies. Both quantitative and qualitative studies – surveys, in-depth interviews, questionnaires, etc.
Issue Limit of viability, threshold of viability, border of viability, children born at 22 to 25 week of gestation, extremely preterm birth, gestational age 22 + 0 to 25 + 6, end of life treatment, “best practice”/“good practice” models of decision-making, social factors, ethics, ethical/moral challenges/dilemmas
Participants parents, doctors (physicians), ethical council, ethical committee
Setting Neo-natal intensive care units (NICU)
Publication period 1990–2017
Languages German/English