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Table 1 Staff survey questions related to children and young people with learning disabilities grouped by domains

From: Learning disability nurse provision in children’s hospitals: hospital staff perceptions of whether it makes a difference

Domain Question/statement α
Capability 1. I have the necessary knowledge and skills to meet their needs .843
2. I have the necessary training to meet their needs
3. I feel able to identify what reasonable adjustments are needed
Capacity 4. I routinely have access to necessary resources to meet their needs .807
5. I routinely have access to additional specialist support to meet their needs
6. I routinely have access to additional learning disability (LD) specialist staff to meet their needs
7. I work in an environment that is designed to take into account their individual needs
8. I feel confident that any reasonable adjustments will be accommodated in a timely way
Confidence 9. How confident are you about identifying that a child/young person (CYP) in your care/who you meet has a learning disability? .753
10. I feel confident to communicate effectively with them
11. I feel confident to assess and manage pain
12. I feel confident to safely manage challenging behaviour
Safety 13. I work in an environment that is safe for meeting their needs .784
14. I am always able to deliver safe care
Values 15. I feel CYP with LD are always treated with dignity and respect .798
16. Overall, I think my Trust values CYP with LD
Access 17. In my hospital, CYP with LD have appropriate access to:
• Medical care and equipment
• Educational provision
• Play and stimulation
• Appointments (including double, first/last, flexible appointments)