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Table 4 Assessment Accuracy at Various Cut-Off Percentiles for the Motor Assessment Tools

From: Accuracy of motor assessment in the diagnosis of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder

Sensitivity and Specificity at Various Cut-Off Percentiles (n = 63)
Percentile (SD) 2nd (−2SD) 5th (− 1.5SD) 9th a 16th (−1SD)
BOT-2SF 0.02/1.00 0.09/0.95 0.35/0.85 0.61/0.55
BeeryVMI-6 0.16/1.00 0.30/0.90 0.44/0.80 0.63/0.70
BeeryMC 0.38/0.95 0.68/0.90 0.75/0.84 0.83/0.63
MABC-2 Total 0.30/0.95 0.33/0.85 0.63/0.65 0.72/0.45
MABC-2MD 0.23/1.00 0.47/0.95 0.61/0.85 0.67/0.70
MABC-2 AC 0.19/0.80 0.33/0.75 0.39/0.75 0.44/0.60
MABC-2B 0.23/0.90 0.37/0.85 0.49/0.60 0.58/0.55
MABC-2MD and BeeryMC 0.40/1.00
MABC-2B and MABC-2 AC 0.20/0.90
MABC-2MD and MABC-2B 0.23/1.00
MABC-2B and BeeryMC 0.33/1.00
MABC-2MD or BeeryMC 0.75/0.84 0.85/0.79
MABC-2B or MABC-2 AC 0.50/0.68
MABC-2MD or MABC-2B 0.63/0.79
MABC-2B or BeeryMC 0.73/0.74
  1. adoes not correspond with a standard deviation cut-off
  2. Dashes (−) indicate not tested in exploratory analyses
  3. Bolded values indicate optimal balance between sensitivity and specificity
  4. SD Standard Deviation, BOT-2SF Bruininks-Oseretsky Test of Motor Proficiency, Second Edition, Short Form, BeeryVMI-6 Beery-Buktenica Developmental Test of Visual-Motor Integration, Sixth Edition, BeeryMC Beery-Buktenica Developmental Test of Visual Motor Integration 6th edition Motor Coordination subtest, MABC-2 Total Movement Assessment Battery for Children, Second edition, Total, MABC-2MD Movement Assessment Battery for Children 2nd edition, Manual Dexterity subtest, MABC-2 AC Movement Assessment Battery for Children 2nd edition, Aiming and Catching subtest, MABC-2B Movement Assessment Battery for Children 2nd edition, Balance subtest