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Table 4 Nutrition Policies

From: Study protocol for a cluster randomized controlled trial to test “¡Míranos! Look at Us, We Are Healthy!” – an early childhood obesity prevention program

Policy Area: Mealtime Environment
 Policy #1 New fruits and vegetables will be introduced through structured food tastings. Non-food rewards will be given for participation.
 Policy #2 Children will never be forced to eat or try new foods. Children will decide how much to eat at every meal and snack.
 Policy #3 Food will not be given as a reward or taken away as punishment.
 Policy #4 Staff members will sit at the table with children during meals and snacks.
 Policy #5 Staff members will model healthy behavior by consuming the same food and drinks as the children and will not consume other foods and drinks in front of the children.
 Policy #6 Meals will be served family style.
Policy Area: Nutrition Education
 Policy #7 Teachers will incorporate Healthy Habits for Life into current curriculum and deliver lessons to children.
 Policy #8 Staff will have the opportunity to participate in a free staff wellness program.
 Policy #9 Healthy contests coordinated with the Healthy Habits for Life curriculum and staff wellness program will encourage children and staff to participate in healthy behaviors. Non-food rewards will be given for student and staff participation.
Policy Area: Foods from Outside the Facility
 Policy #10 The center will have guidelines for foods or nonfood items brought into the facility and served for holidays and celebrations.
 Policy #11 Holidays will be celebrated with mostly healthy foods and nonfood treats.