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Table 2 ¡Míranos! Intervention Key Messages

From: Study protocol for a cluster randomized controlled trial to test “¡Míranos! Look at Us, We Are Healthy!” – an early childhood obesity prevention program

PA and Nutrition Policies 1. Educate children to develop healthy habits for life
2. Offer 90-min free, teacher-led physical activity to children at the center everyday
3. Offer balanced healthy meals and snacks utilizing the USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program best practice recommendations
Staff 1. Be part of children’s play
2. Role-model healthy behaviors to children at all times
3. Be physically active 30 min everyday
4. Eat healthy MyPlate meals everyday
Parents 1. Help your child get 30 to 60 min physical activity at home everyday
2. Serve fruits and vegetables to your child at every meal
3. Limit your child’s TV watching to less than 2 h everyday
4. Avoid offering sugar-added beverages to your child
5. Turn TV off during meals
6. Help your child get at least 10 h of sleep everyday