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Table 3 Exploratory factor analysis using a promax rotation (n = 290)

From: Measuring social participation in children with chronic health conditions: validation and reference values of the child and adolescent scale of participation (CASP) in the German context

CASP items Factor 1
Home: Social/leisure (family) 0.86
Home: Social/leisure (friends) 0.90
Home: chores/responsibilities 0.86
Home: Self-care 0.87
Home: Mobility 0.81
Home: Communication 0.85
Community: Social/leisure (friends) 0.86
Community: Structured activities 0.88
Community: Mobility 0.86
Community: Communication 0.88
School: Educational activities 0.80
School: Social/leisure (students) 0.86
School: Mobility 0.85
School: Using educational Materials 0.88
School: Communication 0.83
HCLA: Household activities 0.84
HCLA: Shopping/managing money 0.82
HCLA: Managing daily schedule 0.84
HCLA: Using transportation 0.79
HCLA: Work activities 0.86
Variance explained 88.7%
  1. CASP Child and Adolescent Scale of Participation, HCLA Home and Community Living Activities