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Table 4 Cephalosporin resistance among Enterobacteriaceae causing blood stream infections

From: Deciphering risk factors for blood stream infections, bacteria species and antimicrobial resistance profiles among children under five years of age in North-Western Tanzania: a multicentre study in a cascade of referral health care system

Health facility (N) Cephalosporin resistant strains attributable blood stream infections
(n, %) OR (95%CI) p-value
NDH & SDDH (9) 5 (55.6) 1  
SRRH (7) 2 (28.6) 0.32 (0.04–2.62) 0.288
BMC (79) 68 (86.1) 4.95 (1.15–21.32) 0.032
Total (95) 75 (79.0)   
  1. Screening for Ceph-R was done to all Gram negative bacteria belonging to the family Enterobacteriaceae; BMC: Bugando Medical Center; SRRH: Sekou Toure Regional Referral Hospital; NDH: Nyamagana District Hospital; SDDH: Sengerema District Designated Hospital