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Table 1 Demographic descriptions of health facilities involved and respective number of children enrolled

From: Deciphering risk factors for blood stream infections, bacteria species and antimicrobial resistance profiles among children under five years of age in North-Western Tanzania: a multicentre study in a cascade of referral health care system

Level/rank of HCF HCF involved HCF catchment population HCF bed capacity Study participants enrolled (%)
Tertiary BMC (urban) 16,252,410 950 514 (54.1)
Regional/referral SRRH (urban) 2,772,509 375 218 (23.0)
District NDH (urban) 363,452 88 80 (8.4)
SDDH (rural) 663,034 320 138 (14.5)
  1. Sources: Hospital Records; Tanzania Population and Health Census (2012) and Staffing Levels for Ministry of Health Tanzania (2014–2019). HCF: Health care facility; BMC: Bugando Medical Center; SRRH: Sekou Toure Regional Hospital; NDH: Nyamagana District Hospital; SDDH: Sengerema District Designated Hospital
  2. Ideal bed capacity in health care facilities in Tanzania are 550 to 1500 beds for tertiary hospitals; 176 to 450 beds for regional referral hospitals; and 150 to 175 beds for district hospitals