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Table 1 Search strategy used to identify articles to be included in the systematic review and meta-analysis

From: Cognitive and motor outcomes in children born low birth weight: a systematic review and meta-analysis of studies from South Asia

1. (Neurodevelopmental OR Neurodevelopment OR Neurobehavioral OR Neurobehavioural OR Cognitive OR Intellectual OR Developmental OR Learning OR Language OR Behaviour OR Behavior OR Motor OR Motor Skill OR Movement OR Intelligence OR Psychomotor OR Psychomotor performance OR Developmental coordination OR Mental OR Memory OR Disability OR Disabilities OR Manifestations OR Disorder OR Dysfunction OR Outcome OR Retardation OR Neuropathology OR Cerebral Palsy OR Attention deficit OR Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder OR school performance OR Child development OR Infant development OR Developmental Delay OR Long term Outcome)
2. (birthweight OR birth weight)
3. (#1 AND #2) Filter: Customized country filter (India OR Bangladesh OR Pakistan OR Nepal OR Bhutan OR Sri Lanka OR Maldives OR Afghanistan OR south Asia)