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Table 1 The questionnaire administered, divided into domains associated with health risk factors

From: Problematic social networking site usage and substance use by young adolescents

Domain risk factors Variable name Domain
Socio-demographic factors Age How old are you?
Sex Are you (male or female)?
Nationality What’s your nationality?
Family setting Separated parents Do your parents live together? (Yes/No)
Father’s alcohol consumption Does your father drink alcohol? (Never/Rarely/Once a month/ Once a week/ Every day), after dichotomized as (Yes/No)
Father’s smoking Does your father smoke? (Yes/No)
Mother’s alcohol consumption Does your mother drink alcohol? (Never/Rarely/Once a month/ Once a week/ Every day) after dichotomized as (Yes/No)
Mother’s smoking Does your mother smoke? (Yes/No)
Sibling’s alcohol consumption Does your sibling drink alcohol? (Never/Rarely/Once a month/ Once a week/ Every day) after dichotomized as (Yes/No)
Sibling’s smoking Does your sibling smoke? (Yes/No)
Education How would you define the education that you have received from your parents as regards obeying rules? (Flexible/Rigid/No rules)
Rules for returning home When you go out with friends, are you asked to be back by a certain time? (Yes/No/I never go out with friends)
Weekly pocket money Do you have weekly pocket money? (Yes/No)
Peer domain Size of group of friends How large is your group of friends? (No fixed group/2–4 friends/5–9 friends/10–20 friends/> 20 friends)
Decision-maker in group of friends Who makes decisions in your group of friends? (“I usually decide what we do”/“We decide together”/ “Others decide for me”)
Friends’ alcohol consumption Do your friends drink alcohol? (Never/Rarely/Once a month/ Once a week/ Every day)
Friends’ smoking Do your friends smoke? (Yes/No)
Personality domain Parish groups/Volunteering/ Scouting Do you often go to parish/ volunteering/ scouting groups? (Yes/No)
Artistic activities Do you engage in artistic activities? (Yes/No)
Playing sports Do you play sports? (Yes/No)
Playing competitive sport Do you play competitive sports? (Yes/No)
Obeying rules When people ask you to respect the rules: (“Always obeys the rules/No respect for rules”)
Average school mark What are your average school marks across subjects? (4 or less/5/6/7/8/9/10)
Behavioral domain Hours of sleep How many hours do you sleep at night? (5/6/7/8/9/10/More than 10)
Time of returning home in the evenings What time do you return home in the evening? (18.00/19.00/20.00/21.00/22.00/23.00/24/00/After midnight) after dichotomized as From 18 to 21:59 h / After 22:00 h
Text messages sent How many text messages do you send a day?(Number of text messages). Categorized as: 0–15 / 16–99 / 100–499 / ≥500
Hours spent playing with videogames On average, how many hours a day do you play with videogames? (Number of hours)
Hours spent watching TV On average, how many hours a day do you watch television? (Number of hours)
Scratch-and-win cards Have you ever bought scratch and win cards? (Yes/No)
Video poker Have you ever bet money at video poker? (Yes/No)
Online betting Have you ever placed bets on the internet? (Yes/No)