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Table 2 Measurement time points and outcome measures

From: Cluster-randomized, controlled evaluation of a teacher led multi factorial school based back education program for 10 to 12-year old children

Measurement points Test instruments Outcome measure Details/Source
1. Pre-test
At the beginning of the school year Intervention-and Control-Group
1. Clinical orthopaedic examination Body weight, body height
Orthopaedic abnormalities of the spine
Posture Test: Matthiass-Test
2. Health questionnaire Anamnestic questions
How often do you have back pain?
Descriptive Data
3. Motor Tests Push-ups
Balance test
Stand and Reach
Hanging on wall bars
Posture Test for children [16]
see above
see above
see above
Munich fitness test [17]
4. Back-behaviour Trial Back pack handling
Demonstrate sitting postures
Demonstrate strengthening exercises
Carrying a water crate
5. Knowledge Test 12 questions on healthy back knowledge  
2. Mid-term evaluation
After 4 months
Intervention group only
Back-behaviour Trial
Knowledge Test
3. Post-test
At the end of the school year
and Control-Group
1. Clinical orthopaedic examination
2. Health questionnaire
3. Motor Tests
4. Back-behaviour Trial
5. Knowledge Test