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Table 1 Study variables

From: Refining and testing the diagnostic accuracy of an assessment tool (PAT-POPS) to predict admission and discharge of children and young people who attend an emergency department: protocol for an observational study

  Variable Variable Type Values
Category of variable Site ID number 1 2 3 ….
Participant ID number Start with site ID eg 100001, 100002… 200001, 200002 …
Eligible for the study binary Y/N [if any of the ineligibility reasons selected this defaults to N]
Ineligibility reason nominal Dead on arrival;
Arrived in cardio-respiratory arrest.
Date of arrival date  
Patient characteristics Gender nominal Male/female
Ethnicity nominal African
Any other Asian Background
Any other Black Background
Any other Ethnic Group
Any other Mixed Background
Any other White Background
Not Stated
White & Asian
White & Black African
White & Black Caribbean
PAT-POPs existing variables: Date of birth date  
Heart rate number  
Temperature number  
Respiratory rate number  
Oxygen saturation (%) number  
Does this patient require supplemental oxygen to maintain appropriate oxygen saturation levels? binary Y/N
Breathing – wheeze binary Y/N
Breathing – stridor binary Y/N
Breathing – audible grunt binary Y/N
Breathing – tracheal tug binary Y/N
Other Respiratory Distress apart from wheeze, stridor, audible grunt or tracheal tug. binary Y/N
Select one of the following four (no further selections available once one has been selected)   
1. Breathing – severe recession binary Y/N
2. Breathing – moderate recession binary Y/N
3. Breathing – mild recession binary Y/N
4. Breathing – no recession binary Y/N
Responsiveness (AVPU) nominal Unresponsive
Responds to Pain
Responds to Voice
Nurse’s judgement nominal Child looks unwell or High Level Concern
Low level concern
No concern
Behaviour nominal Floppy
Normal for age
Is there an existing co-morbidity (chronic condition)? binary Y/N
Additional PAT-POPs variables Did the patient arrive by ambulance? binary Y/N
Time of arrival time  
Has the patient been advised to attend by a medical professional? binary Y/N
Has the patient visited an emergency department, urgent care centre or general practitioner with the same problem in the last 7 days? binary Y/N (asked at reception)
Has the patient visited an emergency department, urgent care centre or general practitioner with the same problem in the last 7 days?   Y/N (asked at triage or nurse assessment)
Other data collection Diagnosis nominal Symphony discharge diagnosis list
Death in the ED binary Y/N
Admission decision Was an admission decision made? binary Y/N
If no decision, why not? nominal Child left ED/UCC before decision could be taken;
Not known.
Was the child admitted on this occasion? binary Y/N
Was the child admitted at any point during the next 7 days? binary Y/N