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Table 1 List of information sources reviewed

From: Review of guidelines on expression, storage and transport of breast milk for infants in hospital, to guide formulation of such recommendations in Sri Lanka

Institute Year Names of guidelines / protocols / webpage titles / fact sheets Audience AGREE II Instrument [13]
MHW 2013 1. Breastfeeding guide [17] Mothers Not used
2012 2. Breast Milk Expression Procedure [18] Staff Used
2014 3. Breast Milk Expressing Equipment Management Procedure [19] Staff Used
2015 4. Expressed Breast Milk (EBM): Storage and Management in Neonatal Services Procedure [20] Staff Used
2014 5. Expressing breast milk [34] Mothers Not used
6. Cleaning your breast pump equipment [36] Mothers Not used
RWH 2015 1. Expressing breast milk for sick or preterm babies [21] Mothers Not used
2013 2. Expressing breast milk [22] Mothers Not used
2011 3. Infant Feeding: Expressed Breast Milk: Management in Newborn Services [37] Staff Used
2008 4. Using a breast pump [35] Mothers Not used
Monash 2014 1. Expressed breast milk (EBM) safe management and storage [23] Mothers Not used
2011 2. Expressing breast milk [24] Mothers Not used
RCH 2013 1. Breastfeeding a baby in hospital [25] Mothers Not used
2013 2. Breastfeeding at The Royal Children’s Hospital [26] Mothers Not used
NHS (UK) 2016 1. Expressing and storing breast milk [27] Mothers Not used
2014 2.Breastfeeding your premature baby [28] Mothers Not used
HMBANA 2011 1. Best Practice for Expressing, Storing and Handling Human Milk in Hospitals, Homes, and Child Care Settings.© HMBANA. 3rd Edition [30] Staff Used
WHO/UNICEF/ Wellstart 2009 1. Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative - revised, updated and expanded for integrated care. Section “Results” Breastfeeding Promotion and Support in a Baby-Friendly Hospital. A 20-h course for maternity staff [31] Staff Used
SL   How to express breast milk [32] Mothers Not used
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