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Table 1 Clinical and laboratory signs for sepsis diagnosis [33]

From: The cut-off levels of procalcitonin and C-reactive protein and the kinetics of mean platelet volume in preterm neonates with sepsis

Clinical signs Laboratory signs
Modified body temperature:
 1-Core temperature greater than 38,5 °C or less than 36 °C and/or
 2-Temperature instability
Leucocyte count:
 1- < 4000/mm3 or
 2- > 20,000/mm3
Cardiovascular Instability:
 3-Rhythm instability:
 4-Reduced urinary output (less than 1 ml/kg/h),
 6-Mottled skin,
 7-İmpaired peripheral perfusion
Immature to total neutrophil ratio: ≥0.2
Skin and subcutaneous lesions:
 1-petechial rash
Platelet count
< 100,000 /mm3
Respiratory instability:
 1-Apnoea or
 2-Tacypnoea or
 3-Requirement of ventilation support
CRP > 15 mg/L or PCT ≥ 2 ng/mL.
 1-Feeding intolerance
 2-Poor sucking
 3-Abdominal distention
Glucose intolerance confirmed at least 2 times:
 1-Hyperglycaemia (blood glucose > 180 mg/dL or 10 mmol/L) or
 2-Hypoglycaemia (glycaemia< 45 mg/dL or 2.5 mmol/L)
Metabolic acidosis:
 1-Base excess (BE) < − 10 mEq/L or
 2-Serum lactate > 2 mmol/L
  1. CRP C-reactive protein, PCT Procalcitonin