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Table 2 Variable Domains

From: The BabySeq project: implementing genomic sequencing in newborns

Variable Domains Parents Physicians
Baseline Post-Disclosure 3-Mo 10-Mo Baseline Post-Disclosure End of Study
Attitudes X   X   X   X
Confidence X X   X X   X
Perceived Utility X   X X X X X
Genetic Perception X    X X   X
Sociodemographics X     X   
Healthcare Utilization       X  
Report Utilization       X  
Information Seeking       X  
Preparedness & Interest      X X  
Parent-Child Relationship X X X X    
Personal Distress (Depression/Anxiety) X X X X    
Child-Centered Stress    X X    
Partner Relationship X X X X    
Perceptions of Child X X X X    
Health Behaviors & Intentions X X X X    
Social Support   X   X    
World View X   X X    
Health History X       
Trust X       
Satisfaction   X X X    
Understanding & Recall   X