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Table 1 Sample questions (full questionnaire upon request) Additional file 1

From: End-of-life decisions and practices for very preterm infants in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation of Belgium

Areas of investigation Sample questions
Decisions and practices in antenatal period - Where applicable, who is involved in the decision-making process regarding advanced decisions to actively manage or not an extremely premature baby at birth?
- In your centre, at which gestational age may a very premature baby be actively managed?
Decisions and practices in perinatal period - Which anamnestic criteria are considered when making the decision to actively manage an extremely premature baby? Where applicable, are the parents invited to send a formal consent form to withhold or withdraw treatment?
Decisions and practices in postnatal period - Do you have a written protocol or a standardised procedure to ensure the baby’s comfort in the context of palliative care?
- In the context of a palliative care pathway, do you ever practise “active” end-of-life (use of analgesic and/or sedative drugs at above therapeutic doses)?
Opinions regarding standardization of and legislation on end-of-life care - In making end-of-life decisions, have you ever experienced fear of litigation? (possible responses: Yes, I have; Yes, it could happen; No; I don’t know)
- Would you like “active” end-of-life practices in situations of extreme prematurity to be ALLOWED by a protocol or a law? (possible responses: Yes; No; Uncertain)