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Table 1 Indications for Referral

From: Changing outpatient referral patterns in a small pediatric nephrology practice

HBP Elevated blood pressures/hypertension
HEM/PRO Hematuria and/or proteinuria
UTI/VUR Urinary tract infection and/or vesicoureteral reflux
ABN IMAGING Includes solitary kidney, hydronephrosis, dilation of collecting systems, horseshoe kidney, duplicated collecting systems, isolated simple cysts, multicystic kidney, and other minor abnormalities such as abnormal size or appearance of one or both kidneys
↓GFR Decreased glomerular filtration rate, acute or chronic, includes hemolytic uremic syndrome
STONES/NC Stones/nephrocalcinosis and hypercalciuria
MICROALB Microalbuminuria
GLOM/VAS Glomerular disease or vasculitis, includes nephrotic syndrome, Henoch Schonlein purpura, hereditary nephritis, acute glomerulonephritis or vasculitis of any type
VOIDING ISSUES Includes enuresis, urinary frequency or urgency, dysuria, polyuria, daytime incontinence
ABN LABS Abnormal laboratory studies (urine or blood) excluding hypercalciuria, microalbuminuria
OTHER Such as tuberous sclerosis, polycystic kidney disease, Bardel Biedel syndrome, Beckwith Wiedeman, prenatal counseling, edema, flank pain, family history of kidney disease