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Table 2 Reported cases with acquired biliary atresia presenting with biliary perforation

From: Obliterative cholangiopathy in acquired cystic biliary atresia type III after cyst perforation: a case report

Case no. References Year reported Sex Gestation week at delivery Birth weight (g) Associated conditions Primary symptoms Age at presentation Age at suregry Type of biliary atresia Site of perforation Operation perfprmed Outcome Years after operation
1 Davenport et al. [2] 1991 Female 28 weeks 800 RDS, PDA Jaundice, acholic stools, failure to thrive 24 weeks 8 months I cyst Pinhole perforation of CBD local excision of the teretic segment followed by biliary anastomosis Jaundice free with normal liver function tests 4 years
2 Present case 2013 Female 37 weeks 2560 Epilepsy Abdominal distention 81 days 81 days III Not confirmed Portoenterostomy Jaundice free with normal liver function tests 3 years
  1. RDS respiratory distress syndrome, PDA Patent ductus arteriosus, CBD common bile duct