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Table 2 Participant demographics

From: A realist evaluation of a physical activity participation intervention for children and youth with disabilities: what works, for whom, in what circumstances, and how?

Characteristic Category Total
Number of participants Children (n) 31
Parents (n) 44
Parent relationship to child Mothers (n) 26
Fathers (n) 18
Characteristics of children Age, y:m (SD) 12:6 (2:2)
Age range, y 6–17
Gender (n)
 Male 18
 Female 13
Child’s primary health condition (n)
 Cerebral Palsy 12
  GMFCS I/II/III/IV/V 5/4/1/1/1
 Acquired brain injury 2
 Intellectual disability a 17
  Mild 5
  Moderate 12
Number of stays at BHC (n)
 1st 20
n > 1 11
Semi-structured interview participants Children (n) 16
Parents (n) 18
 Mothers 16
 Fathers 2
  1. SD standard deviation, GMFCS Gross Motor Function Classification System
  2. a including Down Syndrome, Fragile-X syndrome, and craniosynostosis