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Table 1 Key topics and prompts covered in semi-structured interview guides

From: A realist evaluation of a physical activity participation intervention for children and youth with disabilities: what works, for whom, in what circumstances, and how?

Children Parents
Participation of the child: Participation of the child in the program
 - Goals for stay  - Goals for stay
 - Initial feelings about BHC  - Child’s initial feelings
 - Overall experience in the program  - Describe child’s experience
Model of service: Model of service:
 - Positive and negative aspects  - Participation-related factors
 - Physical activity participation  - Service-related factors
 - Leisure time  - Human environment
 - Human environment  - Physical environment
 - Physical environment  - Similarities/differences to local community
 - Similarities/differences to local community  - Recommendations
Effect on child: Effect of stay on child
 - Perceived changes (of themselves)  - Observed changes (if any)
 - Recommendations for other children
 - Ongoing participation
  1. BHC Beitostolen Healthsports Centre